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e-Makan as the contractor or as a subcontractor of a particular project can also do maintenance and repair of these systems implementations. In addition, we also have experience in actually operating the systems that we have implemented.

We have experience in MAINTENANCE plus OPERATING service of Electro-Mechanical Automation. We can do such service for different durations per day and per week such as based on 5 X 8 or if desired 7 X 24 . We are assigning in this service our staff of engineers, technicians, office staff and other personnel at every level according to the needs of the business.

We also serve our customers by supporting complete sets of original parts that we have used in our implementations for longer periods than the regular durations that the parts suppliers will support, by storing critical quantities of these parts with the cooperation of manufacturers. e-Makan continue to serve as a dependable, reliable and a good solution partner for our customers.